Bryan Cheung

Music Director, Associate Producer

Bryan joins the Divided Families team with a longstanding interest in North Korea and a passion for music and music production. His life and work have taken him to various places throughout Europe and Asia, where he finds opportunities to discover new music and performers. Bryan plays, records, and composes music in his free time.

For the last six years, Bryan has also been exploring ways for young professionals to use their professional training and education to engage the world in a positive way. Bryan currently serves as CEO at Liferay, Inc., a technology company that is making a world impact by creating value for various organizations through for-profit and non-profit channels. Liferay currently employs over 100 people throughout the world, including the US, Europe, China, India, and Brazil, and has innovative relationships with non-profit organizations in several of these locations, including an internship program for graduates of the Tumen River Vocation School in Northeast China.